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Turtlefin Sales Readiness Platform

Enable your ground force

Upgrade your sales teams through the most interactive learning tools


Add gamified learning tools on the platform

Video and Animations
Supports multiple formats including videos and animations

Multilingual Content
The Turtlefin Platform supports multilingual conten

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Training and Certification

Get your sales team trained and certified through TurtleFin's interactive platform. Design and host your own compliance courses and tests.

The platform has webcam integration and you can take the test and get certified online.

Host LIVE Webinars and recorded sessions

With TurtleFin integrated with all major live streaming platforms like Youtube, Zoom Google Meet, you can host Live webinars conducted by Experts for your team.

Keep a collection of the best recorded sessions for your team on TurtleFin


Upskill your sales team

Arm your teams with the best product and sales training.

Upload content in the form of videos, animations, PDFs, FAQs on different insurance products, personal development and how to excel at selling.

Let your team ask questions and get answers through the platform. 


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