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Train and Certify your sales team to maximise sales potential

Upskill your sales team with our interactive sales training and certification platform that complements our Digital platform

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Empower Insurance Sales Teams

Access your team’s current certifications, and upskill them with the right learning journey, as one size does not fit all !

Empower your Teams

Our comprehensive training modules ensure that your team is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills required to sell insurance and meet regulatory standards.

Manage your Teams Certifications

Measure what matters with Turtlefin’s easy-to-use reports. Drill down and export your data with a few clicks and confirm eligibility of your teams to sell.

Upskill you Teams regularly

Empower your team to earn more money by constant upskilling and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.


Improve Sales Performance

Upskill your team using our robust sales training library

Enable online practice of customer pitches to improve sales conversion (most popular)

Track your teams progress to drive adoption and course completion

Enhance Learning Experience

Host training & certification courses in interactive formats like videos, presentations and pdf

Provide Multilingual content to serve a global and diverse user base

Engage through fun micro-learning formats such as flashcards

Customize your Content

Webcam integration 

Online quizzes and tests with webcam integration to assess skill

Customise Learning Content

Design customised learning path for each user to target a specific goal

Easy to Manage

Manage your content easily and make updates via our admin panel

Plans that fit your scale

Scale with our simple, transparent pricing. Try it for free for the next 30 days

Base Plan

Our most popular plan for small teams.



Standardized learning courses


Progress tracking and reporting




Administration panel



Advanced Plan

Advanced features for those who scale:



Upskill your team with our robust sales training library

Enable customer pitch practice to improve sales conversion

Track progress with reports to drive course completion and certification

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