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Turtlefin OneAPI

Easiest way to start selling Insurance

10 lines of code
30+ insurers


Integrate REST API

Full control over how information is collected from your users.

Set up the UX

Let your users get quotes and even pay, all from within your app.

Start Selling

Test on our UAT Suite and go-live all within a matter of minutes

Examples of Insurance Products Available via OneAPI


Mobile Insurance

Today, people spend a lot on purchasing smartphones and any issue with them can create a hole in the pocket.


Group Personal Accident

A minor accident can indispose an individual temporarily, while major ones can severely impact one’s life.


Travel Insurance (Attachment)

Travel insurance covers different types of risk that you might face while travelling.

Over 100 insurance products to pick from

Products like personal accident, critical illness, Term life, mobile insurance, extended warranty, shopkeeper insurance, cyber insurance, cancer insurance, home insurance, adventure sports cover, etc.

All major insurers available.

Enable one-click purchase for your customer

Embed insurance purchase in your regular e-commerce journey with our API

We take care of all claims servicing

Don't have your own claims team? We'll do it for you. 

Curious to Learn More?

Our sales team is ready to setup a demo to showcase our SaaS platform and/or APIs that best suite your business needs

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