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Leverage Turtlefin’s easy-to-use Commissions Calculator

Easy-to-use commission module for automating insurance commission calculations across life, health and motor businesses

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Transform Your Commission Management

Simplify insurance commission calculations, streamline processes, and gain better visibility into your earnings potential with our solution

Simplify Commissions Calculations 

Customise commission rules per policy 

Accurately determine commission earnings

Simulate calculations with test data


Future-proof Commission Payouts

Instantly determine accurate commissions without complex calculations

Intuitive and flexible design for new level of complexity in your computations

No platform limitations to setting up commission plans and rules

Analyse data and performance drivers in Real-time 

Gain Real-time visibility into performance and earnings.

Visualise sales booked and commissions earned through reports and dashboards

View analysis by product category, insurer, region and other filters and hierarchy

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