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Travel insurance covers different types of risks that you might face while travelling. A travel insurance plan covers vacations, business trips, and even educational trips. The expenses that are covered could include medical expenses, trip cancellation, loss of luggage or any other loss during the trip. Travel insurance covers any risk starting from your first flight to the stay and the return journey.

Features of Travel Insurance Plan

COVID-19 Covers - COVID 19 cover provides cover for trip cancellation, extensions and medical expenses in case the traveller or an immediate family member is diagnosed with COVID 19 or if a lockdown is imposed in the destination city or country.

Baggage Covers- This cover protects the traveller in case of loss of baggage or delayed baggage. The plan will help you cover the cost of buying necessary personal belongings.

Medical Covers - These medical covers provide coverage for medical emergencies or evacuation back to your home country or city, study interruption due to medical issues and visits from your family to visit you if needed.

Journey Covers - The Journey cover helps with the assistance needed in any urgent situation ranging from legal help to duplicating your passport. The journey cover also compensates for any additional expenses if the flights are delayed for an extended period of time.

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