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Personal Accident Cover

A minor accident can indispose an individual temporarily, while major ones can severely impact one’s life and overall well-being. It has become imperative to buy a sound insurance plan to protect yourself against untoward perils. A Personal accident insurance policy is designed to offer some relief to the injured person or a dependent. 


Personal Accident Cover offers compensation in the event of demise, bodily injuries, impairment or mutilation resulting from an accident. Compensation is provided in case of an accident while travelling through rail, air, road, drowning, or due to a collision, bodily injuries, burn etc. Financial support is provided to the policyholder irrespective of the intensity of the incident.


In case of unfortunate accidental death of the policyholder, the best personal accident insurance plans in India help the dependent members by providing them financial assistance. In case of impairment resulting from an accident, the policy-holder will also get compensation for the loss of income. It ensures peace of mind as it guards against the most unexpected events. 


Other benefits include hospitalisation cover:

  • Hospital bill payment 

  • Compensation of ambulance cost 

  • Loss of Pay

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Both individual and family plans are available

  • Legal and funeral expenses are covered

  • Child education benefit

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