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Today, people spend a lot on purchasing smartphones and any issue with them can create a hole in the pocket. To overcome such problems, companies are now offering mobile insurance in India. Mobile insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your phone if it is stolen, lost or damaged due to any reason.


What does Mobile Insurance Cover?


Theft protection - Mobile insurance covers the cost of a new mobile in case a phone is stolen or lost.


Accidental breakage protection - Mobile phones are quite expensive today and repair of any kind of breakage could be expensive. Mobile insurance will cover your phone for all such damages.


Water or liquid damage cover - Any accidental damage to the phone due to water or other liquid is covered under mobile insurance. A mobile phone can also get damaged due to moisture or humidity and this is usually covered by the insurance.

Covers high repair cost - Any damage to expensive phones would lead to high repair costs. Mobile insurance can protect the policyholder against these huge amounts spent on phone repair.

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